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Welcome to Poison! We are a laid-back casual guild with our sights set on raiding through the classic content at our own pace. Currently we are accepting new members of all classes, with main characters level 40+ (25+ for clerics). Drop in an application in the forums!

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Recent Raids Going Well

Ploktor, Nov 16, 11 2:13 PM.
Hey everone!

Just wanted to throw down a quick update of what's been going on with Poison. The Fear raid last night seemed to go really well. Even without enchanters towards the end (and even without monks at the very end) we were able to keep pulling the mobs we needed without much trouble. I missed most of the drops, but I know there was a shaman belt, vermi wrist, a few int caster pieces, and a bunch of monk gear as well. A CoM raid Monday night was a bit under staffed and hit a rough patch when the last reaver repopped five times, but simultaneously we managed to kill Sir Lucan in West Freeport for Plyim's soon to be brand new Soulfire! It was a bit of a mess at first, but the GM's stepped in and did the right thing (good job taking screen shots Bobbarker). Last week we had a good run through SolB getting Rokyl's Crystal and Tranix's Crown for the guild, as well as a Hate raid that yielded two Chanter robes, among other loot!

Grats to everyone who won some loot. Let's keep at it and keep pushing for new content and gear!

Poison in Sky!

Ploktor, Nov 7, 11 3:43 AM.
Congratulations Poison on our first attempt at PoSky! We had a really fun time of there with 14 toons ranging from level 46 to 57. We cleared Island 1 easily (though we had to camp out once in fear of a mob pathing through the ground), and went on to wipe on Island 2 twice. The first wipe was due to the bard not generating agro while kiting (now we know) and the second was because Kurtt's virus software kicked in and he went LD, causing the whole kite to agro the raid. Please read the updated PoSky raid guide I am writing in the Raid Discussion Forum to see what changes I have made. I really need everyone who wants to raid Sky to read this guide before going up to make things smoother and safer. I am confident that if we had been able to try again, we could have easily cleared Island 2, but it was getting late and people needed to log, so we summoned Kurtt's corpse to Island 1 and called it a night.

I'm really excited to go back up there, and I'm confident that a 3-4 group force can easily clear through to Island 4. Again please read the raid guide and feel free to make comments or suggestions at the end. While we didn't take home any real loot last night, we got a few quest items for the guild bank and had a lot of fun!

>>If you haven't already, please register on this site. Also, if you have registered, please play around with the options and enter the class/race/level/name of your main toon and your 35+ alts. I have done this for some of you, but the Roster is still blank for a lot of people. Finally, please update your level periodically. Thanks :)


Poison's First Sky Force (minus Kurtt)

Waiting for a Pull (Kurtt was out over the hill kiting 9 mobs!)

The fun was all over...until next time...

Welcome Seriously Comical!

Ploktor, Nov 5, 11 11:30 PM.
Welcome all you new guys and girls! Really happy to hear the merger with Seriously Comical went well and that we had some really strong numbers on earlier.

Apparently we are in fear now, so I'm headed over...

Some Recent Guild Activity

Ploktor, Oct 29, 11 5:40 PM.
A few quick reminders:
Please take a quick raid survey. You can find the link to it in THIS members only forum post. Thanks a lot.
Also, read about the brand new Guild Bank in THIS forum post. I've made a few updates to the 'rules' in bold and added items to the bank.

I want to thank everyone who came out on short notice to help out Gutterpants. We tried to duo a triggered quest spawn mob for his 49 SK Spell, but things did not go well. On short noticed I called out to guild chat for assistance, and about 8 of you were able to instantly help, with a handful of others pledging to be on their way over soon. The first group that showed up was easily enough to get the job done. It was great how many were able to respond and that Gutter didn't have to waste the 3k or so plat and plenty of questing time by letting someone else take down the mob.

Grats Gutterpants on your new spell and thank you so much everyone who came out! (Sorry I couldn't get a SS of you all.)

I've been a bit lazy this week in keeping track of drops, but here are so random items I know hit the floor in hate and fear this week and in a guild group raid of SolB FG's. Grats to everyone who took home something (I know at least one of the hate items rotted, but I'm posting it anyway).

I also looted a Vermi Crown in fear,
but I guess forgot to take a SS :P

 I know this shield dropped twice in hate!

A Few Big Updates

Ploktor, Oct 27, 11 12:56 AM.
Hey everyone! Glad to see so many new people signing up both in game and on here; keep it up! I've got some big announcements below, so check them out:

Read about the brand new Guild Bank in THIS forum post.

Take a quick (I promise) raid survey. You can find the link to it in THIS members only forum post.

And finally, if you have any good tradeskills or are in need of anyone's services, you can check out THIS post to let us know what tradeskills you have or find someone who can help you out!


Hope everyone had fun running around in Chardok today. Was nice to see a few lower level toons get to come out and to have an earlier raid. We got a few nice drops that are now available in the guild bank, as well as some good experience running around Chardok. With a bit stronger raid force and some planning we should be able to take a crack at the Royals and get some great loot.

Quick, Clean CoM Run

Ploktor, Oct 26, 11 3:07 AM.
Grats guys on a nice, clean City of Mist run (except for Narly's little mishap, heh)! Too bad we were barely edged out going to Hate and Fear before hand and FG's after, but we got some key lewt regardless:

 Grats Bigo! (and great job tanking as usual!)
Grats Necrophiliac! (and thanks for donating
your old secondary to the NEW guild bank!)

Grats Ploktor! (now they just need to release epics!)

Also grats to everyone who won some phat lewt in Hate last night. I was only there for a bit, but I heard the mobs were being generous! If Narly gets some time he might post pics and lewt sometime soon ;)

Finally, keep an eye open for a forum post about the new guild bank, including a list of what's available, and update/sign up your main toons on the roster (for now, don't sign up alts that aren't 46+)!

Good Run Through Fear

Ploktor, Oct 24, 11 2:22 PM.
Good run through Fear last night. Thanks to the other guilds who came out to support the raid: 6 from Wudan, 3 from Reclamation, 1 from Seriously Comical, 1 from Mischief, and 1 from Detox. Went pretty smoothly, grats to Necrophiliac for running it well and becoming a new officer!

Now for the loots:

 Grats Mordavin on these two items!

 Grats Narly! (Two more of these rotted)
 Grats Necrophiliac! (another one of these rotted)

 Grats on two drops and welcome to guild Metheuspro!

 Grats to Oroton of Mischief!

   Grats to various members of Wudan for these drops!
(Kline, Sinman, Happil, Shimobi)
An Amygdalan Tendril also rotted as the Bard from Detox happened to LD when it dropped :(

Be on the lookout for a post from Narly with more pics from last night's Fear as well as picks from Hate last week. Also be on the look out for some new updates about raid schedules and the like. Plans are in the works to keep things very casual, but also be much more organized!

I leave you with one final image/thought:

Ploktor waiting patiently for some Vermi to drop...(and still waiting)...good luck all.

Pictures from Solb Raid Fri. Oct.14 and Sat. CoM Raid

Ty__Alexander, Oct 17, 11 9:35 PM.
Pics from Fri. / Sat. and Sun. raids

Fire Giants in Sol B with new crew : ) 







 A few Different groups over the weekend in Old Seb. Just got keyed, gratz everyone and thanks to those that helped .. Ploktor and Ravan and those I 4got mention  : )


 Sun. CoM run.. good job and gratz guys. ps.. sry for the slow CR lol




TO BE CON'T... We did Hate after City of Mist cause our Wicked Leader Tasslehoff  rallied the troops : )

Epic Run in CoM

Ploktor, Oct 17, 11 8:18 AM.
The beginning: What might have started out as a joke from Mordavin lead to a full 12 main raid of the reavers in CoM. Starting out with a lower level tank and one cleric didn't go so well, and lead to a wipe after killing the first reaver and his first repop. As we gathered up the corpses and reorganized, a few more people came over, and we had a solid force ready to go. We quickly got into the rhythm of killing these guys and went straight for the top, the three rooms in the sky, skipping over the room of 5 reavers up the lift. The final spawn of the zone dropped easily and we evaced out to EJ to head back in to find the remaining reavers.

What happened next: At this point we lost a few people, including one of our clerics, and were down to an 8 man force. Luckly will still had our rogue, main tank, and a great cleric to keep us going. We went back in and quickly cleared the first room again, moving to the back hallway. It took a while playing around with the lift to find ways to safely pull the non-reavers in that room (though a straight pull just might have worked), but once we got up there the reavers started falling without a problem. We were under the impression that Lord Rak'Ashiir would pop after all 5 of these mobs had been killed, and we were happily killing the 3rd repop of the 3rd reaver when, you guessed it, the Lord popped on us.

The fight: At first I was very worried, and was on my toes ready to evac, expecting his AoE spells to drop us quickly. To my suprise, he seemed to be a pushover. Within almost no time he was down to 70%, and it seemed like we had this in the bag. At some point, though, he dropped his first AoE nuke, and everything changed. I mean sure, I'd watched the tank's HP drop a once or twice by 25% due to a nuke, but all of a sudden the melee half of my group was down to 2% HP, 30% HP, etc. I got one more heal off before they started dying...

"Camp Out": At this point I told the main healer to camp out, and I started spamming Sup Heal on the tank to give the cleric enough time to get out of there and rez us all later. He was part way into his camp when he stood up and yelled "burn hin down". In the panic to heal the tank, I hadn't checked the mob's HP, and he was around 36%. I switched over to nukes, and we were going big or going home. He was quickly down to about 8%, but it seemed like just not enough. The druid and the wizard were out of mana, and while the melee's that were left were slowly bringing his HP down, you could see it also creeping back up. So there we were, down to bones of the raid. Main tank barely hanging on, cleric trying to keep the tank on his feet, and the druid and wiz waiting on mana to nuke. Everyone else was dead! The mob was at 1%HP, but no one else was left. The mobs HP ticked up to 2%; all seemed lost. Then I remembered something. Something I hadn't really needed up until now at all. The Mod Rods the mage was handing out before! Being at full health, I quickly clicked my Mod Rod, cast the last nuke, and landed the kill shot!

(Little did I know the wiz was one tick away from being able to nuke him, and also had a few clickie nukes up his sleeve for the final moments.)

The Aftermath: Unfortunately the cleric died in the final moments of the fight, but it didn't matter, we had the loot, and now just had to med up and do a bit of a CR. Of course it wouldn't be that easy though... Suddenly the two non-reavers in the room popped, and the three of us reamaining, low on mana and the tank sitting at 9%HP, had to act fast. We were able to quickly root the mobs, reform into one group, and evac to safety!

After the very satisfying corpse run, you just want to know the phat loots , so here they are:

 Grats Mordavin! (hope your alt likes it)  Grats Mistter! (your mod rods saved the day)

Grats Mabaw! (thought this was a Jade Reaver for me, but a nice drop none the less)

And the big deal of the night...

Grats Gutterpants on your fancy new shield! (too bad you don't have a good 1H weap to go with it)

Unfortunately no Jade Reavers dropped, so I'll be trying to organize another trip there in the near future. With a few core classes its a straight forward raid, and was a ton of fun! Grats again on the loot, thanks to those of you who came out, and thanks for reading!

P.S. The final team of 8 consisted of a druid, cleric, warrior, sk, paly, mage, wiz, and rogue. We also go six spell drops (Upheaval, Canni III, Thrall of Bones, Theft of Thought, Heroic Bond, Scars of Sigil). If any guildies need these spells just contact me.

Playing with Fire (Giants)

Ploktor, Oct 16, 11 2:47 AM.
Heard there was a good run through SolB killing Fire Giants. Hope everyone had fun and can make Saturday's 9pm EST Fear run with Mischief (check Guild MOTD). Also planning a raid for Sunday night, even if its just a smaller run.

Grats on two nice drops and welcome Kennec!

Grats Fantasma!

P.S. Sorry for the lame images for the items. Not sure how to upload screen shots directly to the site yet, and was too lazy to upload them to photobucket or whatever, so just grabbed these from alla.
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